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Comp V3 2020 Surfboard Airush

Airush Comp V3 2020 Surfboard Directional

Down the line performance directional surfboard from Airush

The Airush Comp V3 is Airush"s "down-the-line" surfboard made for radical surf. The Comp V3 brings surfing powerfull waves and kite surfing together. The high rocker of the Airush Comp V3 makes it possible to keep your edge even in the steepest and fastest wave. The narrow nose and tail of the Comp V3 directional allow you to turn fast with the utmost confidence and speed. Thick spray against the lip of the wave is the signature move of the Airush Comp V3.

The construction of the Airush Comp V3 is a progressive flex bamboo sandwich. This is durable and gives the Airush Comp V3 a nice flex so that you will not bounce off the water quickly. Roughly said, the construction consists of a bamboo deck and bottom with an EPS foam core in between. The rails are reinforced with UD Flax to withstand impact better than a normal surfboard. Even where you put your front and rear foot on the Airush Comp V3, the directional has been reinforced to prevent "dings".

If you look closely at the shape of the Comp V3 you will see a number of things that stand out. For example, there is a lot of rocker in the nose, this ensures that your nose will not dive into the water when you surf a super steep wave. In the middle there is a gradual rocker, which keeps the Comp V3 maintaining speed through the corners. The tail has a lot of rocker for maximum snap! The narrow tail gives you a lot of control at high speed.

  • Down the line
  • High performance directional
  • High nose rocker
  • Medium medium rocker
  • High tail rocker
  • Bamboo sandwich construction
  • Fin box futures
  • 5"6 X 17.75 "X 1.9" - 19.9L | 5"8 X 18.25 ”X 1.95” - 21.6L | 5"10 X 18.75 "X 2.0" - 23.5L

    Airush Comp V3 2020 Surfboard Directional
    Airush Comp V3 2020 Surfboard Directional
    Airush Comp V3 2020 Surfboard Directional

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