Converse Flytech 2017 SurfboardAirush

Airush Flytech 2017 Surfboard

The wave machine of Oswald Smith

The shape of the Airush Converse is completely dedicated to the down-the-line surfing of your waves during the kitesurfing session. Every wave you come across can be shred with this Converse flytech 2017. The 5'9 "is ideal for riding you directional with a lot of power.

The shape of the Airush converse has more curve in the hip of the board to give the board a playful and lively feeling. The straight nose gives a classic surf feeling and maintains speed in the corners. The Converse has a somewhat wider tail compared to the Compact, which gives the Converse speed and maneuverability at low speed. The widest point of the board is further back than the Compact to create more agility again.

Flytech construction
The Flytech construction from Airush combines a lightweight EPS core with a high density in the places where you stand which provides a super comination of strength and lightweight board. Because the core is so lightweight, the Flytech consturction uses extra layers of fiberglass to make the board strong and durable for daily use.

  • Including fins and tailpad
  • Thruster setup
  • 5'9 "x 17.5" x 2 "20 Liter
  • 5'11 x 18.25 "x 2" 22 Liter
  • Flytech construction

    Converse flytech

    Converse flytech

  • Professional advice

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