Core Cleat 2017 BarAirush

Airush Core Cleat 2017 Bar

Adjustable 4-line

The Core Cleat 2017 bar is one of the most versatile bars on the market. The difference between Airush's other bar, the Core is in the depower system. The Core Cleat has a single depower line that you can pull and clamp between a 'clamcleat'. You pull the line towards you for depower and let it run out again for more power. The Airus Core uses two straps, one for more power and one for less power.

The bar is nice and thin, but 21mm in diameter and has a nice grip around the bar. The most important thing when developing a bar is the safety system for Airush. The Brain 2.0 quick release is included in the Core Cleat. This can always be found quickly thanks to the use of bright colors on the quick release. The quick release works with a 'flag out line' so that the kite quickly loses all its power.  

A sliding stopper has been added to the Airush Core Cleat. With this you can put a stopper on your depowordord so that your bar does not go up any further. This way you can practice nice oldskool tricks or during freestyle ensure that your kite does not fall from the sky after a missed trick. The bar can be adjusted in length so you can sail the Core Cleat on your small and large sizes.

  • Adjustable bar
  • Stopper ball
  • Clamcleat depower system
  • Thin
  • Brain 2.0 Quick Release  

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