Core Cleat 2018 BarAirush

Airush Core Cleat 2018 Bar

4-line kitesurf bar

The Airush Core Cleat Bar is one of the most versatile bars on the market. You can ride it directly from the packaging or adapt it to your own preferences. The Core Cleat bar has a new grip pattern for extremely good grip in all conditions.

The Airush Core Cleat bar uses a cleat trim depower system. When you have pull the 'cleat' system, this will provide more depower for sessions with more wind or if you experience gusty conditions. You can then power the system very easily by making the line longer again.

New at the Airus Core Cleat 2018 bar are the bar ends. These are now completely made of protective faom instead of the single floaters. This makes the line less likely to tangle around your bar. You can adjust the bar yourself in size from 50 to 60 centimeters.

The depower line is coated in PU to last longer. The Quick release is made with Quick Brain 3.0 technology so you can find and use your quick release at a glance. The low split of the power lines ensures that when you use the quick release, the kite quickly loses all its power.

  • 24 meter lines (1m leader lines + 20m Dyneema + 3m line extention)
  • Stopper ball
  • Low Y split
  • New bar ends
  • 3.0 Quick Release
  • 20mm Diameter grip

    Airush Core Cleat 2018 bar

    Airush Core Cleat 2018 bar

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