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Airush Core Strap V4 2019 Bar

Airush 4-line bar with strap depower

The Airush Core Strap V4 2019 bar is one of the most versatile kitesurf bars on the market. The Core Strap bar V4 can immediately be attached to the kite and ride away! Or adapt to your own needs with the strap depower system. This system works with two straps where you can pull for depower and power, super easy!

New to the Airush Core Strap V4 bar is the slightly smaller chickenloop that previous years. By making the chickenloop smaller, you have a larger depower range, even if you have shorter arms. In addition, the PU depower line has been given a new fresh color. Over the length of the thin bar there is a firm rough rip layer so that you will have maximum grip in all circumstances.

The Airush Core Strap V4 2019 bar can be extended with the use of the Mode 2.0 system from 50 cm to 60 cm. So the bar will fit on your large and small sizes of kites. At the ends of the bar is a rubber band to keep the lines well when they are rolled up.

Safety is the most important aspect when designing the Airush kitesurf bars. That's why the Airush Core Strap bar V4 has a low V split with a single line flag out system to make the safety systems work as quickly as possible when you need it. The Core Strap V4 bar comes with a short leash. All in all a super complete bar with a nice grip that you can use on all your Airush kites.

  • 4-line bar
  • Adjustable from 50 to 60cm
  • Good grip
  • Strap depower system
  • 24meter lines
  • Low V split
  • Quick Quick release
  • Single line flag out
  • Strong bar ends
  • Narrow diameter

  • Professional advice

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