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Diamond V5 2020 Kiteboard Airush

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Airush Diamond V5 2020 Kiteboard

All-round kiteboard for the lighter kite surfer with narrower stance

The Airush Diamond V5 is an ultimate freeride kiteboard for the lighter kite surfer. This makes the Diamond a great twin tip for many women, and that is not only because of the design;). The Airush Diamond has a number of adjustments compared to a traditional kiteboard which is very nice for the somewhat smaller and lighter kite surfer.

At first glance, the Airush Diamond V5 looks like a twin-tip kiteboard like any other. But if you look closely, there are still a number of differences. For example, the Airush Diamond V5 has less distance between the pads than with a normal kiteboard. This creates a narrower stance for when you don"t have those long legs. The Diamond also has more flex, so you don"t have to be as heavy to experience the advantage of the comfortable flex. The somewhat narrower outline makes it possible to edge nice and hard. Through these adjustments, the Airush Diamond V5 gives just as much performance to the light kite surfer as a normal kiteboard would do. The average rocker makes going upwind easy, and at the same time ensures that you are comfortably land after a jump. With the Airush Diamond you can discover all the kitesurfing styles which kitesurfing has to offer.

The construction from which the Airush Diamond V5 is constructed consists of an Airush Multizone Biotech paulownia wood core with an AR fiberglass layer. The AR glass layer counteracts the torsional flex, giving you a more premium and direct kiteboard, resulting in more pop and better landings. The inserts of the Airush Diamond V5 are reinforced with 2.0 ABS, so you don"t have to worry that they will come loose.

  • All-round | Free ride
  • Small posture
  • Custom Flex
  • Average rocker
  • Paulownia wood core
  • AR fiberglass
  • 2.0 ABS reinforced inserts

     Airush Diamond V5 2020 Kiteboard

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