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Element 2020 pads & straps Airush

Airush Element 2020 pads & straps

Element footstraps for your Airush kiteboard

The Airush Element foot straps are designed for comfort, durability and ergonomics. During the development of the Element bindings Airush did a lot of research on the natural movement of the ankles, knees and the upper body of a kitesurfer during kitesurfing and hard landings. The results of that research have been at the basis of the design of the Airush Element kitesurf footstraps. And has led to the development of the Dual Molded Direct Impact footbed.

The footbed consists of two parts. A super comfortable soft top that is made in the shape of your foot. There is a good grip with a little edge where you can put your toes over. The bottom of the Element pad is made of a more stiffer material with a higher density. The higher density layer gives your foot support during kitesurfing and impact. Everything has been done to provide you with the most ergonomic pads possible with stability and comfort for your feet while kitesurfing.

The straps on the Airush Element foot strap can be adjusted in many ways on your foot for the best fit. You can place the strap more in the front or back of the baseplate to connect exactly to the shape of your foot. In addition, you can tighten the foot strap more tightly and loosely by using the two straps on the top of the foot strap. Let"s put it this way: the Airush Element footstrap makes your kiteboard feel better than ever!

  • Ergonomic footbed
  • Dual Molded footbed
  • Super adjustable tires
  • Edge for your toes
  • Good grip
  • Reinforced baseplate
  • Aluminum washers

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