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Freeride V2 2020 Hydrofoil Airush

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Airush Freeride V2 Hydrofoil

Freeride hydrofoil with monocoque fuselage from Airush

This year Airush is taking it one step further with the design of the new freeride V2 hydrofoil. The design of a hydrofoil is always the art of generating as little drag / resistance as possible. For the V2 freeride foil, Airush has developed a fuselage with front and rear wing that consists of one piece: a monocoque. The momocoque limits the number of seams, and therefore drag options, to a minimum. This makes the water flow super smoothly along the Airush Freeride V2 2020 hydrofoil. The result is a stable, rigid hyrdofoil with an even higher top speed than its predecessor.

The front wing of the Airush Freeride V2 hydrofoil has an surface of 800 cm2. This is not extremely large as you see in a carving foil and is therefore more suitable for the average to advanced hydrofoiler who is looking for a combination of high speed with average maneuverability. The rear wing has an area of 260 cm2. Standard with the Freeride V2 monocoque is a 95 cm aluminum mast. The long mast gives you a little more time to respond and makes it possible to edge sufficiently at high speed. If you do not want such a long mast, there are also 50, 60, 70 and 80 cm Airush hydrofoil masts available. The mounting plate uses four screws. The streamlining was also the most important thing for Airush in the design of the mounting plate. All in all, the Airush Freeride V2 hydrofoil is a very fine foil with a solid top speed. The monocoque makes this one of the most streamlined hydrofoils on the market.

  • Freeride hydrofoil
  • Medium to advanced
  • Monocoque
  • 800 cm² front wing
  • 260 cm² rear wing
  • Standard 95 cm aluminum mast
  • Streamlined mounting plate

     Airush Freeride V2 Hydrofoil

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