High Velocity 2017 Kite PumpAirush


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Airush High Velocity kitesurfing pump

Heavy Duty kit pump with pressure gauge

With riders such as Bruna Kajiya, Bas Koole and Alex Pastor, Airush has become a respected brand with a very good reputation. The brand also manufactures high end accessoiries for on the water. This Airush High Velocity Kite Pump provides a great airflow and pumps very easily. It has an aluminum rod so that it feels very robust. Of course, the pump has got a leash so you can attach the kite to the pump during pumping. The included hose fits directly on most kites, accept North kites.

  • Kitepump Airush Ultra High Velocity 2017
  • Robust kite pump
  • Two directions
  • Very high capacity for quick and effortless pumping
  • Nice pressure gauge shows the pressure level in the tubes
  • With leash
  • Aluminum rod
  • Does not fit on North Kites

    Airush High Velocity kitesurf pomp

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