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Lithium Progression SPS V3 + Switch Progression 2020 Kitesurf Set Airush

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Airush Lithium Progression SPS V3 + Switch Progression 2020 Kitesurf set

Durable kitesurfing set for beginners from Airush

The Airush Progression series is made to take your first steps in kite surfing. The focus of the Progression series is on solidity and ease of use, exactly what you want when you just start with kitesurfing. The Airush Lithium Progression kite is an all-round kite with a large depower range, a fast relaunch of the water and easy upwind characteristics. The Switch progression kiteboard is also very durable. The straight outline provides good upwind properties and the wooden core makes kitesurfing on this kiteboard comfortable. The large pads on the Airush Switch kiteboard are blue and the large size has a greenish teal color, in general everybody uses the large binding. In addition, this Lithium set from Airush includes the solid Progression kitesurf bar.

Airush Lithium Progression V3 2020 Kite

Versatile allround freeride kite with strong construction The Airush Lithium Progression is the more solid and slightly less high-end version of the normal Lithium. This makes the Lithium Progression V3 2020 somewhat more attractively priced and therefore a very interesting kite for the kitesurfer who is just starting.

The profile and shape of the Lithium Progression V3 are identical to that of the normal Lithium. The delta shape of the Lithium ensures a gradual build-up of power and a very large depower range thanks to the cooperation with the V2.1 bridle system. This gives the Airush Lithium Progression V3 a super large wind range in which you can use the Lithium Progression. The kitesurfing styles in which the Lithium excels are freeride with the possibility of high jumps and even kiteloops. So you can enjoy all aspects of kitesurfing with the Airush Lithium Progression V3 2020 kite. The rounded tips and the delta shape make the Lithium Progression V3 an easy kite to relaunch from the water. Partly because of this, the Lithium Progression is a super nice kite for beginners. Also very easy to go upwind with.

The basis of the construction of the Lithium Progression V3 kite is a sturdy 3 strut kite profile. The fabric of the Lithium Progression V3 is a D4 HD fabric, also known as a quadruple ripstop. This fabric is super strong, wear-resistant and not very elastic, so that the Lithium Progression V3 retains its ideal shape for a long time. All around the Lithium Progression is reinforced with kevlar and bumpers to absorb hard crashes.

  • Allround | Freeride
  • 3 struts
  • Easy relaunch
  • Easu upwind
  • Focus on progression
  • Solid construction
  • 4D ripstop
  • V2.1 bridle

    Switch Progression 2020 Airush Kiteboard

    Het perfecte freeride board van Airush The Switch Progression is a truly all-round freeride board from Airush. The board is perfect for beginning kiters. The board can very easely water start and ride upwind.

    Airush nowadays measures the flexibility of a twin tip with the FMS rating. The lower this score is, the more flexible the board is. The Switch Progression has a score of 5.5 and is therefore quite a flexible board perfect for freeride riding. The board has a wooden core with a fiberglass cover and a freeride rocker so that you glide smoothly over the water. The inserts and rails are reinforced by ABS so that the board can withstand hard hits.

    The board is available in three different sizes: 135 x 40, 140 x 42 and 145 x 44. The airush Fiberfil fins are included with each board.

  • Freeride
  • Perfect for beginners
  • FMS rating 5.5
  • Wooden core
  • Fiberglass coverage
  • ABS rails
  • Available in three different sizes

    Switch Progression 2020 Airush Kiteboard

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