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Lithium V12 + Switch Progression 2021 Kitesurf Set Airush

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Airush Lithium V12 2021 + Switch Progression 2021 Kitesurf Set

Complete kite surfing set from Airush for the beginner to advanced kite surfer

If you want to start kitesurfing with awesome gear, this complete kitesurf set from Airush is definitely something for you. The Airush Lithium is a super solid all-round freeride kite with which you will easily make your first meters. But also going upwind and ultimately big air is no problem for the Airush Lithium V12 2021. The Switch progression kiteboard is a nice all-round freeride kiteboard that is slightly more aimed at the novice kite surfer with a low rocker and a lot of flex. Airush boost bindings are supplied with the Switch kiteboard. If it is your first kiteboard then take a size larger than you normally would. Roughly speaking, with a body weight of more than 85kg you can take a 145, 70 to 85kg 140 and under 70kg a 135. The Progression bar that comes with the set is super easy to use and features the latest IQR quick release from Airush .

Airush Lithium V12 2021 Kite

All-round freeride kite for all levels of Airush
The Lithium V12 2021 is the friendly all-round performance kite from Airush. A pleasure for everyone from beginner to advanced freeride kite surfer. The Airush Lithium V12 is perfect for comfortable cruising, hooked-in tricks and high jumps. The bar pressure of the Lithium V12 2021 can be described as light. This makes the Airush Lithium easy to control, even if you are not that of a strong person. Once in the air, the Lithium V12 2021 immediately feels super stable. The powerful hybrid delta three strut design gives the Lithium an enormous wind range. In combination with Airush"s V3.2 bridle system, the Lithium 2021 absorbs gusts very well and the kite performs like no other in gusty conditions. Partly due to this bridle system, it is also very easy to go upwind with the new Lithium 2021. Airush has paid a lot of attention to the design of the Lithium to ensure that the kite has a quick relaunch. This can be seen from the slanted wing tips. These tips don’t "stick" to the water to quickly and, in combination with the delta design, make relaunching the Lithium 2021 a pice of cake. On the tips you can adjust the Lithium 2021 to your own preference, from high bar pressure to low bar pressure.

This year the Lithium has a new strong construction. The canopy is entirely made of D4 ripstop. This canopy has the highest breaking strength of all types of kitesurfing canopy available. Points that wear out quickly, such as the tips of the Airush Lithium, the kite is reinforced with Kevlar. All struts are provided with strong Airush Bumpers at the front to significantly extend the life of the kite. In short, the Airush Lithium is a super strong and solid kite.

So, are you looking for a kite with which you can cruise, jump, and do hooked tricks super nice? Then the Airush Lithium is definitely a kite for you!

  • Allround | Freeride
  • Hybrid delta shape
  • Three struts
  • Strong D4 ripstop cloth
  • Large wind range
  • Fast relaunch
  • V3.2 bridle system

    Switch Progression 2021 Airush Kiteboard

    The perfect freeride board from Airush
    The Switch Progression is a truly all-round freeride board from Airush. The board is perfect for beginning kiters. The board can very easely water start and ride upwind.

    Airush nowadays measures the flexibility of a twin tip with the FMS rating. The lower this score is, the more flexible the board is. The Switch Progression has a score of 5.5 and is therefore quite a flexible board perfect for freeride riding. The board has a wooden core with a fiberglass cover and a freeride rocker so that you glide smoothly over the water. The inserts and rails are reinforced by ABS so that the board can withstand hard hits.

    The board is available in three different sizes: 135 x 40, 140 x 42 and 145 x 44. The airush Fiberfil fins are included with each board.

  • Freeride
  • Perfect for beginners
  • FMS rating 5.5
  • Wooden core
  • Fiberglass coverage
  • ABS rails
  • Available in three different sizes

    Airush Progression V3 2021 Bar

    Basic bar with new Inteligent Quick Release system from Airush
    The Airush Progression V3 bar is just like the rest of the progression line from Airush focused on durability, simplicity and ease of use. The Progression V3 bar has a line length of 24 meters in total, which is made up of 1 meter leader lines with 9 meters lower lines and 14 meters upper lines. The split of the power lines is low, this is also called a low V-split. At the ends of the bar over the lines are two separate floaters, the bar itself has a fine padding which gives you a good grip with the Progression V3 bar even when wet. The depower system uses two straps: the power strap and the power strap. You simply pull one of the straps towards you for power or de-power. The bar can be adjusted in width from 45 to 52 centimeters.

    The Progression V3 has had a major upgrade with a new depower system: the IQR (Intelligent Quick Release). This system makes using your quick release super easy. You push the red quick release system away from you to activate your safety. The quick release then remains open and is very easy to assemble again by pushing the chicken loop back, the reload. You hear a click and you know that the QR is right again. It is even so easy that you can do this with one hand or still in the water.

  • 4 line bar
  • 24 meter lines
  • Low V split
  • New IQR system
  • 45 to 52 cm wide
  • Strap depower system

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