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Mini Monster Convert V3 2020 Surfboard Airush

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Airush Mini Monster Convert V3 Surfboard

Foil / surfboard for small waves and little wind

The Airush Mini Monster Convert can be used as a hydrofoil kiteboard and as a directional. Super handy if you do not have the budget to buy a foil and directional or just want to save space and weight in your boardbag.
The Mini Monster as a surfboard is best used in the small messy waves or as a light wind directional kiteboard. This is due to its wide and compact design with a high volume and flat rocker. This makes the Mini Monster to gain speed easily with not too much wind. It was therefore obvious that Airush released the Mini Monster as a convertible kiteboard.

If you zoom in a little more on the design, you"ll see a flat rocker in the nose, which gives you a good performance in small waves. The flat rocker in the middle of the Airush Mini Monster gives you a large surface at speed. The tail has an average rocker for high speed and control. The broad nose gives you good low-wind properties and the broad tail ensures that you stay stable in the smaller waves.

The Mini Monster is built by Airush with a Reflex Bamboo constuction which gives you a good combination of flex and durability. To use the Mini Monster as a hydrofoil kiteboard, a simple low-drag conversion plate (90 x 165 mm) can be attached.

  • Directional | Hydrofoil
  • Compact design
  • A lot of volume
  • Agile
  • Reflex Bamboo construction
  • 4"10 - 24.5L | 5"2 - 27.5L | 5"6 - 33.5L | 5"10 - 38.5L

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