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Mini Monster Convert V4 Reflex Wood 2021 Airush

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Airush Mini Monster Convert V4 Reflex Wood 2021

The can do anything under the surfboards! From Foil, surf, light wind to wave surf

The Airush Mini Monster Convert directional can be used as a hydrofoil kiteboard and as a directional. Super handy if you don"t have the budget to buy a foil and directional or just want to save space in your board bag. The Mini Monster as a surfboard comes into its own in the small messy waves or as a light weather kiteboard. This is due to its wide and compact design with a high volume and flat rocker. The Mini Monster therefore easily makes speed with not too much wind. It was therefore obvious that Airush released the Mini Monster as a convertible kiteboard.

If you zoom in a bit more on the design, you will see a flat rocker in the nose, which gives you a good performance in small waves. The flat rocker in the middle of the Airush Mini Monster gives you a large surface at speed. In the tail is a medium rocker for high speed and control. The wide nose gives you good low-wind characteristics and the wide fish tail ensures that you remain stable in the smaller waves.

The Mini Monster is built by Airush with a Reflex Bamboo construction which gives you a good combination of flex and durability. To use the Mini Monster as a hydrofoil kiteboard there is a simple low-drag conversion plate to attach

  • Directional l Hydrofoil
  • Strapless
  • durable Wooden Sandwich Construction
  • Lots of Volume
  • Fish Tail
  • Ecoboard Project
  • Futures 3 fin setup
  • 4-10 - 24.5L | 5’2 - 27.5L | 5’6 - 33.5L | 5"10 - 38.5

    Airush Mini Monster Convert V4 Reflex Wood 2021

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