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One Progression 2021 Kite Airush

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Airush One 2021 Kite

Easy one strut kite with a lot of Airush depower

The One is a new kite in the kite range of Airush and the latest addition to the "progression" range of Airush. This range focuses on beginners and making progress. The Airush One is a super easy kite with a "plug and play" character. And therefore very suitable for beginners who are looking for a strong, "bombproof", kite with a large wind range. The One owes this wind range to the single strut design. Because of this design, the One is light and the kite has a large effective surface to generate power with. Another characteristic feature of the Airush One is the large depower range. With this range you can easily handle the gusts by pushing the bar away from you and you can hold the One a little longer than you would expect. Due to the slanting tips and the strut in the middle, the One has an easy relaunch for a single strut kite.

To make the Airush One a "bombproof" kite, Airush has opted for a super strong D4 HD canvas. This is the strongest and most durable kitesurf canopy on the market that will make your new Airush One last a long time. To guarantee a longer lifespan, you will see kevlar reinforcements and "Airush Bumpers" at various places on the Airush One. The Airush One uses a V2.1 bridle system. It is among other things this bridle system that gives the Airush One such a good depower range and stable character. You can adjust the Airush One to your own preference. This way you can find different bar pressure settings at the tip ends from High to Low bar pressure. Be sure to play with this so that you can adjust the One exactly to your own preferences. On the side against the tips are safety handles with which you can easily do a self-rescue. All in all, the Airush One is a very nice kite to start with which gives you a large wind range and a long service life.

  • Freeride | Beginner
  • Good low end
  • One strut design
  • D4 HD canvas
  • Large depower range
  • Good relaunch
  • V2.1 bridle system
  • Kevlar reinforcements
  • Airush bumpers
  • Can be adjusted personally

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