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Shredder 2019 Kiteboard Airush

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Airush Shredder 2019 Kiteboard

Twintip with a directional design

The Shredder is the latest addition from Airush within the twintip kiteboard range. The Airush Shredder is a mix of a twintip and a directional. Intended for a high fun factor between the waves without the need for the difficult skills as is the case with a conventional directional. The Airush Shredder has a surfboard like design but can simply be used with normal pads and straps. You can ride the Shredder both ways. With the nose in the front for the most surflike feeling and with the "tail" ahead for extreme up wind characteristics and high speed.

The Airush Shredder lets you play between the waves and at the same time gives you the possibilities that you are accustomed to from a normal twintip such as, big air, grabs and quickly escaping from a huge set of waves. The nicest board for almost all conditions. Dancing on the waves from high to low and then escape with a big air, who would not want that?!

The Shredder is designed with a six-fin setup for an extra surf feel, but can also be simply set to four fins for your usual twintip feeling. The foot straps can be attached to the Shredder in many different ways for more or less surf feeling.

The nose of the Shredder is slightly up-lifted and is made of a flexible material which can withstand a bang so that you will not break the nose of your Airush Shredder. The construction that Airush has chosen for the Shredder is the Multi zone biotech construction. This construction has Paulwonia wood as core and is super durable with a fine flex for a comfortable board feel.

The Shredder is the perfect board when waves want to "shred" without directional.

  • Twintip with directional design
  • Multizone Biotech construction
  • Six fin option
  • ABS reinforced rail and inserts
  • Upright nose with strong rail
  • Different footband options
  • Pads and straps excluded

    Airush Shredder 2019 kiteboard

    Airush Shredder 2019 kiteboard

    Airush Shredder 2019 kiteboard

    Airush Shredder 2019 kiteboard

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