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Switch Core 2019 KiteboardAirush

Airush Switch Core V9 2019 Kiteboard

Freeride twintip kiteboard from Airush

The Airush Switch is the longest existing kiteboard of all kiteboards available at the moment! The board has been sold since 2001 and has been perfected year after year. A longer developed kiteboard simply does not exist! It is the ultimate freeride kiteboard where you can also perfectly learn to kitesurf with.

The outline of the Airush Switch has generally remained the same with respect to its predecessor in 2018. A fairly flat rocker with which you can easily make high speed and speed. The biggest difference this year is in the comfort with which the Switch Core rides. The Airush Switch has a lighter weight and more flex this year, contributing to a much smoother, more playful riding style.

The Airush Switch Core is made of a Multi-zone Biotech Construction. At the basis of this construction is a Paulownia wooden core. The special multi-zone construction ensures that Airush has been able to use different thicknesses throughout the board. The result is that there are different flex levels in one board. The Flex Tip technology gives the Switch stiffness in the middle of the board, where you have foot straps. This gives you more stability during kitesurfing. At the same time, there is more flex in the tips. This flex catches the jerky chop for a super smooth board feeling.

In order to keep the Airush Switch Core tips flexible yet strong, Airush devised the 'Cross Bracing Technology'. This technique consists of a composite tape that reinforces the tips of the Airush Switch extra to improve the durability of the board.

The Core version of the Airush Switch stands for a strong construction and riding characteristics that allow you to progress quickly and easily. The entire Core line from Airush is made with the best possible price / quality ratio in mind.

  • Freeride kiteboard
  • Flat rocker
  • Wooden core
  • Venturi concave
  • ABS inserts
  • Flexible tips
  • Multi zone biotech core
  • Exclusive pads & amp; straps

    Airush Switch Core 2019 Kiteboard

    Airush Switch Core 2019 Kiteboard

    Airush Switch Core 2019 Kiteboard

    Airush Switch Core 2019 Kiteboard

    Airush Switch Core 2019 Kiteboard

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