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Ultra V2 2019 Kite Airush

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Airush Ultra V2 2019 Kite

Light wind kitesurf kite

The lightest kite is now even lighter and stronger! Feather light, the lightest Airush Ultra V2 weighs almost nothing, only 1.4kg! Airush achieved this by using a single lightweight strut and by reducing the use of Dacron. Yet the Airush Ultra V2 is stronger than ever. The all new Airush Ultra V2 is one of the best in its one strut kite class, "light years ahead" as Airush says. Excellent for light weather hydrofoil and twintip sessions, a real Low-Wind King!

Airush Ultra V2 2019

The Airush Ultra V2 is lighter, the biggest differences between Ultra V1 and V2 are actually that the V2 is a lot stronger than the V1 and Airush used another shape used for large and small sizes of Ultra V2"s. The Ultra V2 is lighter due to the fact that fewer segments have been used, but part of this reduced weight has been added in the form of reinforcements of the kite. The large sizes have been optimized to low-wind conditions and the smaller sizes to stability.
In addition, the use of Dacran has been reduced to a minimum, this has been absorbed by the use of WebTech. WebTech channels heavy force to the Airush LoadFrame through a sort of "Sub-Web". The LoadFrame is a frame / web of thin Dyna yarn on the canopy of the kite making the canopy super strong and stiff. Airush has been looking for the perfect balance between a lightweight kite and a kite that lasts a long time, this has come together in the new Airush Ultra V2 the most advanced kite Airush has ever made. An Airush V2 is about 25% lighter than the Airush Lithium. So with the slightest breeze, the Ultra V2 2019 kite will take you for a really nice session.

For a low-wind kite it is very important to have the least drag as possible. For larger sizes kites, this is of greater importance (these have more drag), the drag of larger sizes Ultra"s is considerably reduced by increasing the tension on the canopy. The Airush Load Frame ensures a reduction of elongation in the canvas of 40%! So even in the long term the tension remains in the canopy. In the smaller sizes of kites, the drag is less important and Airush has put the focus on stability, but the Load Frame is also working, so the canopy will keep its tension for a long time.

The steering of the Airush Ultra V2 2019 has remained the same as it the Ultra V1. The large sizes naturally steer a bit slower, but because of the stiff fabric the Ultra V2 steers relatively quickly. The Ultra V2 has nice ligt bar pressure and has a very good depower by using a pully bridle system. The relaunch of the Ultra is amazingly good, there are even a number of kitesurfing schools that teach with the Airush Ultra.

If you like to wave rde then the Ultra is also a good choice. The light weight of the Ultra gives him good drift properties. This allows you to surf the net and use the power of the wave and the ultra dirft easily with you.

In short, are you looking for a kite with good low-wind characteristics? Then the new Airush Ultra V2 is the kite for you! One of the best low-wind tube kites to experience brilliant foil sessions!

  • Super light through one strut design
  • Airush Load Frame
  • Airush WebTech
  • Double Ripstop cloth
  • V3.2 Bridle system
  • XL inflate / deflate
  • One-pump
  • Black and Teal option is available in a limited edition. Ask for availability.

    Weigh Ultra V2

    Weigh Ultra V2

    Airush Ultra V2 2019

  • Onze ervaring
    Onze ervaring
    5 July 2019

    De Airush Ultra V2 is naar onze mening de beste 1 strut kite die er is. Lightweer prestaties van de Ultra zijn buitengewoon. Foilen met de Ultra is geweldig goed. Ook een lekkere freeride sessie als de wind toeneemt kan de Ultra prima hendelen

    10 October 2018

    Geweldige licht weer kite, waarschijnlijk de beste die ik ooit gevaren heb. Na een keertje testen meteen de 9 meter gekocht om mee te foilen. Gaat als een gek met 10 knopen. Super licht, echt ongekend. Zeer tevreden over de kite en service van kitemana

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