Union III 2018 KiteAirush

Airush Union III 2018 Kite

Throw it down!

The Airush Union 2018 has got a complete redesign to offer you a freestyle kite for kiteloops & big air! This year it's even faster and more explosive, with an improvement in hang time. The shape of the Union III has been refined to sit slightly further forward in the wind window whilst retaining the light and ultra-responsive steering. A new design in the wingtip ensures that it doesn't stall while the increased linear power delivery has made it even more suitable for freeriding, freestyle and wave riders.

The Union III 2018 is one of the strongest kites of the moment. This is due to its Dyneema Load Frame. This doesn't only make the frame of the kite a lot more durable but also doubles the lifetime of the kite! The Union is the kite for kiters who like to challenge themselves to go harder and higher than ever before.

  • Big Air, Hang Time & Horizontal pull in loops
  • Allround freestyle kite
  • Unhooked performance
  • Enormously durable
  • Dyneema Load Frame
  • Technoforce D2
  • Integrated Dyneema
  • Will take up to twice as long

    Airush Union III 2018 Kite

    Airush Union III 2018 Kite

    Airush Union III 2018 Kite

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