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SurfSafe EarplugsAlpine

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Alpine SurfSafe Earplugs

Protection against water and wind

Enjoy water sports without being bothered by cold, water and wind in your ears? Alpine has developed the Alpine SurfSafe earplugs, especially for water sports enthusiasts. Traditional earplugs don't only block the water and wind but also the surrounding noise. By doing this your balance gets confused and communication gets hindered. The special filters of the Alpine SurfSafe keep the water and wind out of the ears but allow sound to get through.

Cold, water and wind can cause ear infection and surfers ear. A surfer ear is quite painful and happens to water sports enthusiasts of all ages. In addition, the eardrum can rupture in the event of a fall on the water. Alpine SurfSafe earplugs not only help prevent surfers but also a ruptured eardrum and ear infection. While your communication and balance aren't affected. This way you can hit the water without any worries of thing that could happen.

  • Specially designed for water sports enthusiasts
  • Keeps cold, water and wind out of the ears
  • Minimizes ambient noises but communication remains good
  • Prevents ear infection and surfers ear
  • Prevents tearing of the eardrum in the event of a fall on the water
  • Doesn't affect your balance
  • Optimal fit thanks to the soft AlpineThermoShape ™ material
  • Filters a firm water- and windproof material
  • Easy to put in and out; 1 size that always fits, no difference between left and right
  • Anti skin irritation, thanks to the soft and silicone-free material
  • With free case, handy elastic cord and Alpine Clean cleaning spray (5 ml)

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