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9PS Full Deck Pad Appletree

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Appletree Full Deck Pad Surfboard

Nine-piece deck pad for your surfboard

The 9PS full deck pad from Appletree provides a super comfortable grip with your surfboard. We do not recommend kitesurfing on your surfboard with wax, because you will push the wax off your surfboard very quickly. Therefore, always use a deck pad. In addition to the deck pad providing grip, this 4mm thick EVA pad also provides cushioning and a bit of protection for your surfboard. The grip comes from one of the elongated grooves that can be seen in the deckpad, this is also called 'corduroy'.

You stick the deckpad on your surfboard in nine parts by means of a super strong 3M adhesive layer on the bottom of the deckpad. If you have inserts on your surfboard, this is no problem, these are also measured (on Appletree surfboards).

Appletree Full Deck Pad Surfboard

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