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Appleflap Noseless Full Carbon Surfboard Appletree

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Apple Tree Appleflap Noseless Full Carbon Surfboard

Modern High performance surfboard

The Apple Tree Appelflap is a very modern kiteboard that focuses entirely on the waves. The board has a full carbon construction, something that most kiteboard manufacturers only dream of. The shape of this board is very close to a traditional surfboard. It has a narrow tail with pinched rails for optimal control at high speed and at high waves. In addition, the Appleflap has a decent rocker so that the board does not dive into the water when you surf off the wave. A board that gives you the control when you need it the most!

The advantages of a noseless kiteboard are incredible. You just have to get used to the fact that you no longer see a long nose while surfing. But the board is lighter, easy to transport and feels very loose on the water. That is why the apple flap gets a very lively feel. The Noseless apple flap has a small upright nose so you do not suffer from nosedive.

  • Full carbon surfboard
  • Stronger and lighter than other surfboards
  • Honeycomb skin
  • Cork under the feet against dents
  • Surf sensation
  • Color: White & Stormy
  • Default bottom: transparent/carbon
  • Grab-rails
  • 3 fin boxes (FCS II or Futures)
  • Leash plug

    Apple Tree Appleflap Noseless Full Carbon Surfboard

    Apple Tree Appleflap Noseless Full Carbon Surfboard

  • Size Chart Appletree Appleflap Nosless Full Carbon Surfboard

    Surfboard size (inch) Weight in kg
    5 8 <70 kg
    5 10 70 - 85kg
    6 0 85+kg
    The size chart is an indication. Depending on your riding style and kitesurfing level you can choose for a different size board.
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