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Appleflap Surfboard Appletree

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Appletree Appleflap surfboard

The best control in rough conditions!

The Appletree Appleflap is a traditional surfboard, with a pin tail and large rocker. This makes it suitable for high waves and extreme conditions. This board will not quickly nose dive, so you can fully focus on surfing. Thanks to the traditional shape with a narrow tail, you get optimal control at high speed. It has a Hex Skin Glass construction, containing a 50K foam core. This gives the board a very strong base so that you will enjoy it for years to come.

This year, Appletree flattened the rocker only in the center of the board for better upwind drive and lower line speed. You will be amazed at how easily this board rides upwind!. The narrow tail makes the Appleflap also surprisingly easy to land on when jumping. The Appletree Appleflap comes in three different sizes. You can choose in which color you like the board, so please contact us if you ordered the board.

  • Appletree Appleflap
  • Designed for high waves
  • Futures vin setup
  • Glass fiber construction
  • Flatter in the middle for upwind

    Appletree Appleflap Kitesurfboard

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