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Mini Foil Kite Full Carbon Foilboard Appletree

Appletree Mini Foil Kite Full Carbon foilboard

One of the lightest foilboards on the market!

Appletree has years of experience in making light and strong high performance carbon directional surfboards for the kite surfing market. With the Mini Foil Kite full carbon foil board they now also enter the foil market, and how! This is probably the lightest hydrofoil kiteboard on the market.

The Mini Foil Full carbon foil kiteboard is light and stiff to give you the best response and feedback. You feel exactly what the hydrofoil wing under the board does so you can respond to what it does. If you are an advanced hydrofoil kitesufer you naturally want to ride with as little wind as possible. That’s why you need the lightest gear. The standard variant Mini Foil Kite full carbon board is the 4"2, which only weighs 2.2 kg. The smaller sizes are even lighter! The hydrofoil is mounted to the board with two Futures US track boxes that are 90 mm apart. This system is the lightest and strongest track system on the market, whether you are carving, pumping or foiling at high speed, these fin boxes can handle it. Most hydrofoils, such as those from Moses and Slingshot, fit on this system.

The Mini Foil Kite full carbon is also available in a variant with inserts, contact us for that variant. The additional price for the insert variant is 100 euros, and ask us about the available colors.

  • Super light
  • Stiff
  • Carbon / foam construction
  • Futures US track box
  • Ask for insert availability
  • Contact us for the color options
  • 3"2 "x 17.8" x 1.52 "| 13L | 1.6kg
  • 3"6 "x 18" x 1.62 "| 16L | 1.8kg
  • 3"10 "x 18.2" x 1.72 "| 18L | 2.0kg
  • 4"2 "x 18.4" x 1.82 "| 21L | 2.2kg
  • 4"6 "x 18.6" x 1.92 "| 24L | 2.4kg

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