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Best BLK 2016 Bar

Five line bar for the Best GP

The Best Black 2016 Bar is a 5 line bar for the Best GP. This bar has all the features a freestyle bar needs, such as a big chickenloop and good grip. The lines of the bar can hold up to 490 kilograms per line. Just like the RED bar, the BLK bar has the depower system above the bar and works through a trimcleat. The depower line is made of elastic so it doesn't get in the way. There is also a swivel under the bar so you can easily turn your lines back after a backloop or kiteloop.

The bar has a "single flag-out safety" system which stands for safety. The moment you pull your release, the kite hangs on only one line (the fifth) so the kite loses all its power. We always recommend this system!.

Best BLK 2016 bar

Best Black 2016 bar

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