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Best RED RP V6 2016 bar

Bar for Best TS, Roca en Cabo

The new 2016 Best RED RP is the 6th generation, this four-line bar fits the Best TS, Roca, and Cabo. This new bar has some nice improvements, the bar has a new chickenloop with swivel under the bar so your twisted power lines can easily turn back. The RED RP V6 bar now has the same chickenloop as that of North . The bar is available in two sizes, 47cm and 52cm. Go for the 47 cm for 11m kite or smaller, choose the 52cm for a 9m kite and larger.

Depowering your kite is easy by pulling on the trimcleat system above the bar. The line you pull through the trimcleat is made of an elastic material but won't get in your way. Underneath the floaters, you have the option to loosen or tighten the lines.

Safety is one of the most important features of a bar and Best did a very good job this year to deliver a solid single line "flag out release" system. The moment the kite is being released, it's still attached to one power line, this allows the kite to fall out of the sky and won't pull you along any longer. We always recommend this system!

The bar comes with 22m lines which are extremely strong and can hold up to 1955 kilograms. You also get a short leash with the bar, is a lot safer than a long one. This is because you attach the short leash at the front so you can always grab it when needed. If you want to practice your unhooked tricks and do handle passes, you need a long leash!

Best RED RP v6 2016

2016 Best RED RP v6

Best 2016 chickenloop

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