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UV Cure Epoxy Fiberstrong Big Ding Repair

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Big Thing UV Cure Epoxy Fiberstrong

user-friendly repair kit from Big Ding

The Big Ding repair kit is super user-friendly. The set consists of 60ml epoxy mixed with pieces of fiberglass, several sheets of sandpaper, a wooden spatula and a piece of plastic foil. The epoxy does not require mixing and cures in 3 minutes after coming into contact with direct sunlight.

  • Clean, dry and sand the surface.
  • Work in the shade and use only the amount of epoxy from the tube you need. Then immediately put the cap back on the tube.
  • Cover the repair with the plastic wrap.
  • Place in direct sunlight until repair is cured.
  • Remove the plastic and sand the repair to the desired shape.

  • 60ml epoxy mixed with fiberglass pieces
  • Hard in 3 minutes
  • User-friendly
  • 1x sandpaper P60
  • 1x sandpaper P80
  • 1x sandpaper P150
  • 1x sandpaper P320
  • 1x wooden spatula
  • 1x plastic film

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