UV Cure Polyester FiberstrongBig Ding Repair


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Big Ding UV Cure Polyester Fiberstrong

The Big Ding UV Cure Polyester Fiberstrong is ideal to quickly repair your polyester surfboard. The detailed instructions make sure that everyone can fix their own surfboard. Always good to have this with you whenever you're going to surf somewhere in case you get a small hole in your board. Once you've applied it, let it dry in the sun and after a short while you can continue your session.

  • UV active fiberreinforced polyester resin 60ml
  • Sandpaper
  • Mix sticks
  • Foil
  • Repair instructions (E/D/F/ES/P/NL)

    Big Ding UV Cure Polyester Fiberstrong

  • Professional advice

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