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B-Fish 2021 Surfboard Brunotti

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Brunotti B-fish 2022 Surfboard

Ideal surfboard for small, messy waves from Brunotti

The Brunotti B-Fish has a classic surfboard shape that lets you experience the real surfy feeling. The B-Fish gets the most out of small, messy waves and even on the less windy days you can hav a lot of fun with this surfboard! The easy upwind performance and the extra volume make this surfboard perfect for beginners. Thanks to the volume, transitions become easier and you will make fast progression. This surfboard also offers endless fun for the advanced wave rider due to the fishtail and the lively feeling that the surfboard entails.

The B-Fish has a fish tail which means that the surfboard has two pin tails at the end. The fish tail gives the surfboard more hold, so that the surfboard gets up to speed faster. After the Fish has gained control, the fish tail provides more control and grip while making turns. Especially on small waves, the fish tail keeps more grip at high speed. The thruster setup with Futures Finbox with three fins provides excellent grip and at the same time gives a lively feel. The surfboard is made of EPS. EPS foam is significantly lighter resulting in quick snappy maneuvers. In addition, EPS is much more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The Brunotti B-fish has M6 inserts on the front and back, giving you the option to ride the surfboard with straps. The surfboard comes with fins and deck pad.

  • Small waves and light wind
  • Truster vin setup
  • Sandwich construction
  • Carbon power rail
  • PVC reinforced deck
  • Fish tail
  • M6 inserts
  • Includes fins and deck pad.

  •  B-fish 2022 Surfboard

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