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Hawk 2021 Kiteboard Brunotti

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Brunotti - Hawk 2021 Kiteboard

All-round Kitesurf Twintip from Brunotti that lets you progress in no time

The Hawk 2021 Twintip Kiteboard from Brunotti is perfectly made for those kiteboarders that wish to progress on the basics, as well as for advanced riders, who want to go high. The Hawk 2021 is loaded with a lot of high performance features that meet every riders needs.

The core of the Brunotti Hawk 2021 is a CNC´d wood core. Wood naturally has the nice characteristic, that it gives a board a lot of strength and stiffness, but also provides a nice flex. The Hawk 2021 twintip is molded in one piece which creates a better torsional flex and therefore contributes to a very smooth riding experience. The shallow rocker line in combination with the sharp DRS Tech rails and the double bottom channel allow the Brunotti Hawk to cut through the water very easily, even in choppy conditions, and lead to a great upwind performance.

The Brunotti Hawk Kiteboard promises even more comfort thanks to its active Backbone, that runs down the length of the board and distributes the forces from the inserts evenly through the board. That will make you cruise even more smoothly so you never leave the water because of pain in your knees. With the Hawk you will be able to hold your edge a little longer and you can create a massive pop more easy in every condition. That makes the Hawk 2021 a very forgiving and comfortable board, which will boost your jumps for sure!

If you are looking for a board, that gets you smoothly over the time period where you are still practicing the basics like riding upwind, and which is still very suitable for you as you are progressing further, the Brunotti Hawk will do the job as no other board. Also, it will suit the advanced kiteboarder, that loves to cruise endlessly and doesn’t want to say no to massive pop and high jumps!

  • Allround | Freeride
  • CNC Wood Core
  • DRS Tech Rails
  • Hyperbolic Chassis
  • Torque Equalizer
  • Active Backbone
  • Double Channel
  • Double Concave
  • Sizes 137-41 / 141-42
  • Including G-10 Fins

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