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Youri Pro 2022 Kiteboard Brunotti

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Brunotti Youri Pro 2022

High performance kiteboard from Brunotti

The podium proven kiteboard designed in collaboration with none other than the legend Youri Zoon himself is back this year with a brand new look! The Brunotti Youri Pro has been specially developed to make the most of your freestyle and big air skills and to make sure you can't blame your equipment. With features such as CNC'd wood core, Active Backbone and much more, this kiteboard will increase your definition of control, performance and adrenaline!

The Brunotti Youri Pro 2022 has a CNC'd wooden core, which makes the kiteboard super light and strong and also has sufficient flex. This flex ensures that the kiteboard sails comfortably, regardless of the conditions. The Active Backbone runs through the entire kiteboard. This gives some extra torsional flex and ensures that the force on the kiteboard is neatly distributed over the inserts, ideal if you sail with boots, for example, just like Youri Zoon! The Tourque Equalizer mentioned by Brunotti improves the torsional stiffness, so that you always have maximum control over the kiteboard and the perfect response at high speeds.

At the bottom of the Brunotti Youri Pro is a 'Displacement Hull' called by Brunotti. This Displacement Hull is a bulge in the middle of the kiteboard that gradually breaks the water surface during a landing, giving you buttery soft landings. Thanks to the DRS Tech rails with a diamond-like shape, you always have a lot of grip. Combined with the four channels in the tips and the double concave at the bottom of the kiteboard, you can easily pop and keep your edge during stormy days. The Brunotti Youri Pro 2022 comes with Brunotti's strong 2022 G-10 fins.

  • Freestyle | Big Air
  • Displacement hull
  • CNC Wood Core
  • DRS Tech Rails
  • Tourque Equalizer
  • Active Backbone
  • Quad channel
  • Double concave
  • Includes G-10 fins

  • Brunotti Youri Pro 2022 Kiteboard

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