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FX 2020 Kite Cabrinha

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Cabrinha FX 2020 Kite

Freestyle freeride crossover kite from Cabrinha with new Nano Ripstop canopy

The Cabrinha FX 2020 is a kite that excels in boosting, looping and unhooking. A very cool kite for the more advanced kite surfer who loves high jumps, kiteloops and freestyle. Due to the pulley-free bridle system, the Cabrinha FX 2020 is a kite with direct feedback and fast steering characteristics. For unhooked tricks, the Cabrinha FX has a special bridle adjustment that gives more pop and slack. If you want to jump high and kiteloop, you can set the Cabrinha FX 2020 on a special setting that gives the kite a somewhat wider profile for extra boost in your jumps and loops. In addition, there is also a standard setting that is perfect for freeriding.

This year Cabrinha has upgraded the FX 2020 with brand new Nano Ripstop canopy. This Nano canopy has twice as many cells as a normal Ripstop canopy. In addition, the new fabric is finished with a special plasma coating. Compared to the old Ripstop fabric, the Nano Ripstop fabric is stronger, stiffer and more durable. The FX 2020 controls the new Nano Ripstop canopy faster and stays in good condition for longer.

The hybrid C-shape of the Cabrinha FX with three struts makes the FX a very nice kite with freestyle and freeride features. In strong winds, the Cabrinha FX performs as one of the best, so you can boost yourself into the air with confidence and pull a big megaloop. The Pure Profile panel layout gives the leading edge of the FX a profile that is as round and smooth as possible, making the FX super stable in the air. The new optimized Dacron layout has ensured that the FX 2020 is lighter in weight, which benefits flight characteristics.

The Cabrinha FX 2020 is better than ever! The new Nano Ripstop gives the FX faster steering behavior and a longer lifetime. In addition, the FX 2020 is lighter and has a super nice new design!

  • Freestyle | Freeride | Big air
  • Crossover C kite
  • 3 struts
  • Hybrid design
  • New Nano Ripstop cloth
  • Pure Proflie panels
  • Without pulley
  • High Tenacity Dacron
  • 3 bridle settings

    Cabrinha FX 2020 Kite

    Cabrinha FX 2020 Kite

    Cabrinha FX 2020 Kite

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