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Switchblade + Spectrum 2021 Kitesurf Set Cabrinha

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Cabrinha Switchblade + Spectrum 2021 Kitesurf Set

Kitesurfset for ultimate progression from Cabrinha

With this set every kiter will make a lot of progress in every kind of way! This set is for beginners, but ensures that you will make crazy progress and land your first backrolls and frontrolls in no time! The Switchblade is a five strut kite with which unprecedented heights can be reached. In addition, the five struts also provide a stable and predictable character, making the Switchblade also extremely suitable for beginners. The Spectrum also offers the versatility needed for progression. The Spectrum is a kiteboard that focuses on all-round performance. The kiteboard comes upwind easily thanks to the flat rocker, but it certainly doesn't hinder your jumps! Thanks to the softer flex, the Switchblade is ideal for the chop and ensures that you can grow old without knee injuries. The combination of this kite with the Spectrum makes this set the ultimate progression set from Cabrinha!

Cabrinha Switchblade 2021 Kite

All-round Freeride / Big Air Kite
The Cabrinha Switchblade is a kite that can no longer be imagined from the water! This kite is super versatile and therefore one of the most popular kites of the brand. The Switchblade is suitable for beginners thanks to its super stable character, but also advanced kiters use the Switchblade because you will reach unprecedented heights with it. The Cabrinha Switchlade 2021 kite has 5 struts so that it remains very stable in the air in the most gusty conditions.

When it comes to a kite that combines performance and versatility, we quickly think of the Cabrinha Switchblade. The greatest achievements in kitesurfing have been achieved with a Switchblade. This is a testament not only to the Switchblade's high-end performance, but also to its reliability, predictability, durability and ease of use. The Cabrinha Switchblade immediately feels familiar in the hands, so you can push yourself to go higher and make super-fast progression.

Have you just started this fantastic sport and are you looking for a kite that is simply reliable, easy to ride and easy to restart? Even then the Cabrinha Switchblade is great! It is not for nothing that this is one of the most popular kites among beginners. The Switchblade 2021 is ready to boost your level!

Cabrinha Spectrum 2021 Kiteboard

All-round Freeride / Beginner kiteboard
The Cabrinha Spectrum 2021 is a super all-round kiteboard with which you can cruise in all circumstances. This kiteboard ensures that you will sail effortlessly against the wind and will not stand in the way of your progression! This is due to the flat rocker of the Cabrinha Spectrum 2021. The flat rocker is combined by Cabrinha with a soft flex pattern. The soft flex pattern is created by the combination of a wooden core and the fiberglass construction of the Cabrinha Spectrum. This makes the Cabrinha Spectrum super comfortable in all circumstances, including in choppy conditions. In the bottom of the 2021 Spectrum, the kiteboard has a single concave for grip.

The Cabrinha Spectrum 2021 is the ideal beginner kiteboard with which you will sail your first meters in super comfortable, altitude walking will not be a problem and you can land your first jumps.

Cabrinha Overdrive Quickloop 1X Trimlite 2021 Bar

Adjustable bar with simple design and clam cleat depower from Cabrinha A simple and clean design is often the best design. That is what Cabrinha also thought when developing this Cabrinha Overdrive Quickloop 1X Trimlite bar. The difference with the Modular bar from Cabrinha is that this Quickloop bar has a fixed, non-exchangeable chickenloop.

The Overdrive Quickloop 1X Trimlite bar is adjustable in width with a new Overdrive system. This system works with an insert which is incorporated in the new soft bar ends. The steering line is attached to the insert. The insert can be pulled out of the bar end and placed more in or out. This allows you to adjust the bar, depending on the size, from 44 – 52 cm or 52 – 60.

The fixed quickloop has a standard size that you can also use for freestyle tricks. A single PU tube runs through the bar. This means you only have one line running through your bar. Above the chicken loop is a swivel with which you can twist your power lines apart. This Cabrinha Overdrive Quickloop works with a trimlte depower system. This trimlite system uses a clam cleat depower. You pull this cord towards you for depower and make the cord longer to get more power in your kite. super easy! The V split of the Quickloop Trimlite is low so that you have the most direct feeling possible with your Cabrinha kites. The bar can also be used on all other kites with a low V split. The 2021 Overdrive Quickloop 1X Trimlite features a new more flexible EVA bar end. Good updates for 2021 and still one of the best 4 line bars on the market!

Kitemana Kiteboard bindings

The Kitemana pads and straps are as light as a feather and offer you great comfort and grip while kiting. The foot pads have a raised edge at the toes so that you get a lot of grip during take-offs and when landing at high speeds. In addition, they offer you a wonderful damping, for example when riding through chop. In addition, the binding provides a lot of control and board feel for optimal performance. The straps are adjustable with a Velcro strap and have a soft neoprene inner lining for comfort and grip. The Kitemana pads & straps is a wonderful set, which fits on almost every kiteboard!

Cabrinha Switchblade + Spectrum 2021 Kitesurf Set

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