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Tronic 2022 Kiteboard Cabrinha

Cabrinha Tronic 2022 Kiteboard

Unique freeride kiteboard from Cabrinha

The Cabrinha Tronic 2022 is a one of a kind twintip. In a short time, this kiteboard has managed to bind a large group of fans to the unique feeling that the Tronic brings. The Tronic has a special outline for choppy water and to get upwind effortlessly. Thanks to the curved and retracted tips, the kiteboard is super comfortable to ride and the kiteboard is easy to turn, so you can create the thickest sprays!

The kiteboard has a so-called 'wood core'. Cabrinha uses a Paulownia wood core to optimize strength, reduce weight and allow the kiteboard to flex more naturally for optimal durability and comfort. The Cabrinha Tronic 2022 has a high rocker for ultimate performance. The kiteboard feels nice and playful thanks to the high rocker and you can easily carve. The flex around the entire kiteboard ensures smoothness and stability while riding, so that you get the necessary comfort in all kinds of conditions. To reduce the impact on hard landings and increase grip during edging, the Cabrinha Tronic 2022 has a quad concave.

The kiteboard comes with fins, screws and handle.

  • Freeride | wave
  • Smooth turns
  • Easy upwind
  • Super comfortable
  • High rocker
  • Quad concave
  • V-tips
  • Includes fins and grab handle

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