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Sensor 3 Pro Foil Bar Core Kiteboarding

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Core Sensor 3 Pro Foil Bar

The ideal Core foil bar for your Core foil session

In addition to a normal Sensor 3 bar, Core has also released the foil bar in a Sensor 3 bar: the Core Sensor 3 Foil Pro bar. The Sensor 3 foil bar from Core has everything that the normal Sensor 3 pro bar also has, but is narrower in width and comes with 3 meters extra extension lines so that you can also ride the Core Sensor 3 foil bar with 25 meter lines. br>
The improved Core Sensor 3 pro foil bar has an improved quick release system. The new Core CIC (Core Intuitive Connect) system works with an easy click in chicken loop and push away release system. The QR system is clearly recognizable by its red color and complies with the latest ISO standards. The Core Sensor 3 pro foil bar comes standard with a small chicken loop, which gives you the largest possible depower range on the bar. Also new are the ends of the Sensor 3 foil bar. These are now provided with Stealth Winders with which you can easily adjust the foil bar in width from 45 to 41.5 cm. In addition, the grip has been upgraded and the floaters are connected to a new Live Wire, which gives you a more direct feeling with your kite. The Sensor 3 foil bar has an auto untwist system of the power lines so that you can pull unlimited downloops. Depower works with an easy system which is equivalent to a clam cleat. Of course the lines on the Core Sensor 3 Foil pro bar are made from the strongest Tectanium® lines. The lines are divided into different lengths: 16 + 4 + 2 meters. In addition, with the Sensor 3 foil bar, another 3 meter extension is supplied.

  • Core Sensor 3 Foil Bar
  • 16 + 4 + 2m lines
  • Tectanium lines®
  • Titanium core
  • New CIC release
  • New Stealth Winders
  • New Griploc
  • Includes 3m extensions
  • Includes standard loop

    Core Sensor 3 Pro Foil Bar

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