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SLC Hydrofoil Set Core Kiteboarding

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Core SLC 2021 Hydrofoil Set

Allround Hydrofoil Set for Freeride and Surf by Core Kiteboarding

Core Kiteboarding has finally launched a complete Hydrofoil Set and it fits perfectly into their high class premium product range! Check out all details and options about the board and foil down below:

Core SLC Foilboard
The SLC Foilboard 2021 is an all-round foilboard with a carbon sandwich construction. The construction of the new Core foilboard is robust, light and stiff. This gives you a very direct feel for your foil.
At the bottom of the SLC 2021 foilboard, the board has a convex bottom shape. As a result, the foil board glides very well on the water allowing you to water start with ease but is also forgiving when you touch the water or put too much weight on your front foot. The beveled rails of the SLC foilboard support an easy handling of the board. The channels create an optimized water flow under the board, giving you control in the planing phase and during touch-downs. The extra long 90mm rail system of the Core SLC Foilboard 2021 gives you flexibility in the placement of your foil mast and you can mount pretty much all foils from other manufacturers under the SLC foil board. Therefore, you can combine and trim the SLC foil board perfectly to your likings.

The SLC 2021 Foilboard comes with a traction pad that is already mounted on the top of your board. The pad offers you a very good grip. Thanks to the inserts you also have the option to screw in straps.

The foil board fits perfectly into the classic, simple and elegant core design. The SLC Foilboard 2021 is available in three sizes:
115cm x 46cm x 11,5l
125cm x 47cm x 15,3l
135cm x 49cm x 21,1l

Core SLC Foil
The SLC 2021 Foil is a very versatile all-round freeride foil, but with the larger wing you can take your SLC Foil into the surf as well. The SLC 2021 Foil is very well balanced for all disciplines in foiling and also interesting for newbies as well as for advanced foilers.
The front wings and stabilizers of the Core SLC Foil 2021 are very light and reactive thanks to the PU-carbon sandwich construction. The swept back shaped front wing shape offers a lot of control and stability when gliding and is insensitive if you pick up a clump of seaweed in the water while riding.
. The mast of the SLC Foil is made of aircraft grade 6063 aluminum. Core deliberately opted for an aluminum mast, as this, in combination with carbon wings, provides a stiff and more robust construction, giving you a more direct feel for your foil and at the same time making it less sensitive to impacts.

With your SLC foil set you can choose between two front wing sizes and two different mast lengths. The larger front wing with 1250cm2 is aimed at foil beginners, surf foilers and also heavier foilers and the smaller wing with 1000cm2 is ideal for more advanced foilers, freeride foilers and lighter kiters. In terms of mast length, the 71cm mast is more suitable for beginners and surf foilers and the 92cm mast for advanced riders and freeriders.
The Core SLC Foil is a super versatile and performance-oriented premium foil which is suitable for many kiters. No matter if freeride or surf, beginner or advanced, thanks to the various possible combinations of wings and masts, everyone can trim the foil to their own preferences.

  • Freeride | Surf
  • Robust, light, direct
  • Stable, versatile and well-balanced riding experience
  • Foilboard: Carbon-Sandwich-Construction
  • Foilboard: 90mm Track-System
  • Foilboard: Convex Bottom-Shape, Foil-Rocker, Channels
  • Foilboard: incl. Traction Pad + Inserts (Straps separately sold)
  • Foilboard: available in three sizes: 115cm, 125cm, 135cm
  • Foil: Carbon Wings + Aluminium Masts
  • Foil: Swept Back Wing Shape
  • Foil: Wing size 1000cm2 or 1250cm2
  • Foil: Mast length 71cm or 92cm
  • Foil: Compatible with US-Track-System (90mm)
  • Set incl. board, mast, front wing, stabilizer, fuselage, base plate, screws and tools

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