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Speed Valve 2.0 Core Kiteboarding

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Core Speed Valve 2.0 Valve

Valve for your Core kite

Does your Core kite leak on its valve? Don"t worry and put a new one on it. The Core Speed Valve 2.0 comes with a Tear-Aid round adhesive strip around the valve so that you can easily stick it super strong and airtight on your leading edge. This set is complete with the Core Speed valve cap 2.0 and is suitable for Core kites like the XR3, GTS3, XR4, GTS4, XR5, GTS5, Nexus, Section 2 and Impact 2.

  • Core kitesurf valve 2.0
  • Including cap
  • Tear-aid stip
  • Suitable for Core kites from the XR3 / GTS5 and younger.

    Core Speed Valve 2.0

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