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Team Chow"s Pickle wax remover

Remove quickly and easily your wax from your surfboard

This green "Pickle" is the only one of its kind and developed to remove the surfwax from your (kite)surfboard. This pickle with nice odor is not only green in color but also green for the environment. It"s completely made of recycled materials. Even the plastic package is biodegradable. In addition, 1% of the total turnover of Team Chow goes directly to the charity!

The Pickle is free of chemicals and allows you to scrub off the last remaining wax from your surfboard without any effort. Team Chow"s Pickle is effective on every type of wax and on any type of surfboard. First, scrape most of the wax off your board using the supplied "Flex Comb". When you"re done with this, it"s time to put the pickle in use. Rub the pickle with force over the remaining wax particles and they will disappear like snow for the sun. Continue until your surfboard glows brightly and looks like new.

The pickle is the very best to get all the wax safely off your board. Reasons to remove the wax from your board might be when you need to repair your board or for better grip. In addition, it"s always good to threat your surfboard well once in a while! The Pickle surfwax remover is used by many surfers, from novice rookie to pro. A tool that belongs to every surfer.

Pickle wax remover

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