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Aquasure PU Glue Dr. Tuba

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Dr. Tuba Aquasure PU Glue

For repairing your kite

Dr. Tuba Aquasure PU Glue is one of the best urethane adhesives on the market. The adhesive is water-resistant and remains flexible, ideal for making strong and durable repairs to your kite bladders, valves, cloth, dacron frames, windsurf sails and other sails. The flexible waterproof formula protects your kite against all the elements. If the adhesive has hardened, it will remain permanently.

In combination with the FiberFIX (45mm), you can make a repair of approx. 1.2 meters with one tube.

  • Quick-drying, solid as a rock within a few hours
  • Extremely strong
  • Heat, cold and water resistant
  • Elastic
  • Transparent adhesive
  • UV resistant
  • No smell if the adhesive has cured

    Do you want the glue to dry even faster? Add two drops of fresh water to the mixture, this way the glue dries even faster!
    Aquasure PU Lijm

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