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Kite Repair Kit Dr. Tuba

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Dr. Tuba Kite Repair Kit

Large repair kit for the quick fix of your kite

The dr. Tuba kite repair kit has everything you need for a quick fix of your kite. Do you have a small hole in your canopy, bladder, valve or a hose that is not properly attached / leaking? With the Dr Tuba Repair kit you can quickly fix it to be ready for your next session. Ideal for when you are traveling and do not have a good repair shop nearby. The Dr. Tuba kite repair kit includes a 'How-to Manual' with a short description on how to do the repairs. If you have a large tear, leak, more complicated damage, or if you just want to have it done by an expert, come to us for your repair.

The dr. Tuba Repair kit includes:

  • Nylon Ripstop adhesive tape, white (1m)
  • Dacron adhesive tape, black (1m)
  • FiberFIX tape (1.5m)
  • Ultra Repair Bladder adhesive tape (6.5cm x 15cm)
  • 3M ValveFIX adhesive circles (3x)
  • Kite repair Dots (10x)
  • Aquasure PU Glue 28g (1x)
  • Glue applicatior (1x)
  • Glue brush (1x)
  • Gloves (1x)
  • Tie-wraps (6x)
  • Sanding paper (1x)
  • Alcohol swabs (6x)
  • Scissors (1x)
  • Carry box (1x)
  • DIY & Step - by - Step Manual
    Kite repair kit

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