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Duotone Kiteboarding Evo + Select 2024 Kitesurf Set

The Duotone Evo + Select 2024 kitesurf set is a super nice set for novice and advanced kite surfers. With the Select 2024 kiteboard you are ready for progression in the coming years.

  • Duotone Evo 2024 kite
  • Duotone Trust bar 2024 incl leash & freeride loop
  • Duotone Select 2024 Kiteboard
  • Duotone Vario bindings
Duotone Kiteboarding - Evo + Select 2024 Kitesurf Set


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Intro Evo + Select 2024 Kitesurf Set The Duotone Evo + Select 2024 kitesurf set is a super nice set for novice and advanced kite surfers. With the Select 2024 kiteboard you are ready for progression in the coming years.

  • Duotone Evo 2024 kite
  • Duotone Trust bar 2024 incl leash & freeride loop
  • Duotone Select 2024 Kiteboard
  • Duotone Vario bindings

Product Information

Duotone Evo + Select 2024 Kitesurf Set

All-round kitesurfing set for beginners to advanced from Duotone

The Duotone Evo + Select 2024 kitesurf set is a perfect choice for beginners who want to prepare for progression or for the slightly advanced kitesurfer who is looking for a set that will last for years. The Duotone Evo is a kite for freeride, jumps and hooked freestyle. You can actually go in any direction with this. The Duotone Select kiteboard is an all-round kiteboard perfect for advanced kitesurfers. Compared to the Gonzales, this board is more focused on performance. The Select has a more optimized flex pattern and some channels for extra grip when you push off at high speed for your jump. The Duotone Evo + Select set is complete with Trust bar and Varion bindings for your kiteboard.

Duotone Evo 2024 Kite

Easy all-rounder from Duotone

The Duotone Evo 2024 Kite is a true all-rounder. The Duotone Evo 2024 has an easy-going character, making it quickly familiar in the hands of any rider. Use the Evo to learn kiteboarding or to master the latest tricks – either way, you're guaranteed to get the most out of your sessions with this kite. The Evo 2024 doesn't focus on one discipline and loves to freeride, boost, freestyle, and even be unleashed in the waves. The Duotone Evo 2024 is super versatile and guarantees fun for every rider!

With the Duotone Evo 2024, your kiteboarding career starts off on the right foot. Whether you're practicing your first jumps, attempting to break your height record, or perfecting your hydrofoil skills, this kite guides you every step of the way, gives confidence and speeds up your progress in all kitesurfing disciplines. The Duotone Evo 2024 is certainly not just for beginners either. Kitesurfing professionals like Tom Hebert and Lewis Crathern demonstrate that the Evo 2024 excels even at the highest level, especially in hooked-in tricks and big air maneuvers. Perhaps one of the most beloved features of the Evo is its sheet-and-go. Setting sail on a kite has never been easier!

Duotone designed the Evo 2024 with a three-strut design to enhance its all-round properties. The great advantage of a three-strut kite is that it has the perfect balance between stability and lightweight, maximizing the wind range and allowing you to ride earlier and for longer. Is the wind gusty? No problem, the frame holds its shape well, and you can easily take out the gusts at the bar by pushing it away from you. Accidentally crash your kite while practicing a new trick? Thanks to the rounded leading edge and wingtips, a gentle pull on one of the steering lines is all it takes to get the Duotone Evo back in the air within a split second, allowing you to try the trick again immediately.

Made of the incredibly durable and exclusive Teijin Trinity TX fabric, the Duotone Evo 2024 has the perfect balance between flexibility, stiffness, and weight. Paired with a fixed, pulley-less bridle system, this kite delivers a direct and smooth steering impulse from your bar. Finally, the Duotone Evo has three different tip tuning options on the tip, allowing you to adjust the kite to your preferences.

If you're looking for one of the best do-it-all kites, then the new Duotone Evo 2024 is perfect for you!

Duotone Select Concept Blue 2024 kiteboard

Environmentally friendly freeride kiteboard from Duotone

The Duotone Select Concept Blue 2024 is Duotone's freeride kiteboard . The Select offers speed, direct responsiveness, and controlled pop, making it the perfect blend for progression. With the Duotone Select, you'll feel comfortable after the first session, allowing you to maximize your sessions' potential. This board is suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. Effortless upwind cruising, combined with the comfort it provides, makes the Select particularly suitable for novice kiteboarders. Yet, the Select retains its sporty and playful character, even in challenging choppy waters. Popping becomes natural, and you'll notice the board's eagerness to practice backrolls and frontrolls!

Duotone has upgraded the Select for 2024 with an all-new Concept Blue construction. The Duotone Select Concept Blue 2024 utilizes new materials such as flax and basalt to produce an incredibly durable and environmentally friendly kiteboard without compromising performance. Flax fiber is a natural material that is more environmentally friendly and replaces traditional glass fiber. The flax plant can be harvested after only 100 days, which means fewer resources are needed to reach the end-product. In addition to its environmentally friendly properties, flax fiber offers superior damping characteristics compared to glass fiber and has excellent torsional flex properties. The flax fibers are combined with basalt fiber, another natural fiber made from volcanic rock. By combining these two materials there is better control over strength and flex characteristics, increasing torsional and longitudinal stiffness in the kiteboard, resulting in an overall better and sportier ride, while being environmentally friendly!

In addition to the updated Concept Blue construction, the Space Flex tips are back, but for 2024, the window has been enlarged for added comfort while riding. Also, the top of the tip is asymmetric for a stiffer heel side, resulting in a more predictable and linear flex pattern. The stiffer heel edge, combined with the fairly flat rocker, provides excellent upwind performance, allowing you to effortlessly ride upwind.

If you're looking for a freeride kiteboard focused on progression, then this environmentally friendly Duotone Select Concept Blue 2024 is perfect for you. You'll get performance, and regardless of your level, you'll have fun with the Duotone Select for a long time!

Duotone Evo + Select 2024 Kitesurf set includes

  • Duotone Evo 2024 kite
  • Duotone Trust bar 2024 incl leash & freeride loop
  • Duotone Select 2024 Kiteboard
  • Duotone Vario bindingen
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