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Red Safety Line Click Bar Duotone Kiteboarding

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Duotone Red Safety Line Click Bar

Safety / flag out line for the Duotone Click Bar ('18 – '22)

Make sure you regularly check the red safety line of your Click Bar. The Red Safety line is hidden in the PU depower cord of the click bar. If you don't attach your Suicide Ring to your QR through your chickenloop, there is a chance that the Safety line will wear out quickly. The line then rotates around its own axis and can therefore quickly break. Therefore, check the line regularly. You can do this by walking out your lines and pulling the Red Safety line through the PU depower cord. Is the Red Safety line of your click bar broken or worn out? Then you can use this product to replace the line. The 20m is suitable for the small bar (20 + 2 meters) and the 22m for the large click bar (22 +2) meters.

  • Red Safety line spare part
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