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Rocket Tool Duotone Kiteboarding

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Duotone Rocket Tool Screwdriver

Screwdriver with multiple bits

You know it, you are standing on the beach and suddenly you feel that your fin or binding is not completely tight anymore. That is bales, but fortunately you have this handy tool from Duotone! This tool is a screwdriver where you can put all the bits in to tighten your screws. The great thing about this Duotone Rocket tool is that it has a kind of turn back function so you do not have to spin infinitely round to get your screw tight.

  • 6 bits
  • 3 rotation positions
  • Compact
  • Always bring your screwdriver!

    Duotone Rocket tool

  • Leon van Bergen
    Leon van Bergen
    28 February 2019

    Ik heb hem nog niet nodig gehad maar alles lijkt aanwezig te zijn en de bitjes zitten netjes opgeborgen in de ratel schroevendraaier zelf. de volgende dag in huis, helemaal top!

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