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Duotone Kiteboarding Selfsticky Airport Valve II

Duotone Kiteboarding - Selfsticky Airport Valve II


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Intro Selfsticky Airport Valve II

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Duotone Selfsticky Airport Valve II met Cap + Sealing

Duotone Kiteboarding Valve

Duotone Selfsticky Airport Valve II is used on all Duotone kites from 2014 until this day. If your old valve is broken you can easily replace it yourself, all you need is a pair of scissors, tape and a pen. 

Step 1 First, remove the old valve, this can be done with a pair of scissors. Cut as close as possible to the old valve through the bladder. Be careful not to damage the other side of the bladder. So don"t penetrate too deeply.

Step 2 In order to place the valve properly, you need a piece of at least 35 x 35 cm and at least 2 cm thick with a hole in the middle to place the valve in. Tip: grab a piece of cardboard and fold it a few times and cut a hole. Then place the supplied piece of the bladder in the middle of the hole.

Step 3 Place the valve with the large pin on the left side. (the left side is the side where the deflate is a bit further on the LE). Remove the sticker and place the valve, making sure the LE is tight! Then press the valve firmly.

Step 4 Carefully place the LE back in the kite, attach the remaining parts on the valve and pump up the kite very slowly, make sure the LE is placed right and not twisted. When you inflate it you can rub it from the outside of the LE to remove any wrinkles and push it into its proper place.

There is also a clear description (ENG) included in the package with pictures. If you still can"t figure it out, no worries, just give us a call or send an email.

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