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Vegas 2020 Kite Duotone Kiteboarding

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Duotone Vegas 2020 C-kite

Pro Freestyle

The Duotone Vegas has built a huge reputation by bringing Aaron Hadlow, Lewis Crathern, Stefan Spiessberger and our own Lasse Walker to the world top. This is a kite that goes further, where other kites are left behind. A real C-kite with a direct bar feel, explosive pop and a very stable frame. The 2020 Vegas rides as good hooked in as unhooked and thanks to the massive pop you get a lot of momentum for your tricks. The kite gets a good slack for the handlepass and stays in place so that you can focus on the pass.

Are you less interested in unhooked tricks, but do you prefer big air, then you are in your element with the Vegas 2020! The Duotone Vegas 2020 has a very good lift and a predictable behaviour, so you always feel where the kite is during a jump or kiteloop. In addition, it is very stable in high wind speeds, which makes the Vegas perfect for a good storm. The Vegas remains the ultimate kite for experienced wake and freestyle oriented riders who want a real C-kite.

  • Duotone Vegas 2020
  • Unparalleled unhooked performance
  • Responsive nature
  • 3 setup options
  • Pure C design
  • 5 struts
  • New lightweight trailing edge
  • New panel layout

    Duotone Vegas 2020 C-kite

    Duotone Vegas 2020 C-kite

    Duotone Vegas 2020 C-kite

    Duotone Vegas 2020 C-kite

  • Ilyas Knauf
    Ilyas Knauf
    9 October 2020

    De oh zo bekende Vegas, deze kite haalt voor mij echt de plezier weer terug in c-kites. Vind dit zelf echt een top kite, makkelijk te varen en toch een tikkie radicaliteit zoals je bij een C-kite wilt.

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