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Bandit 2020 Kite F-One

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F-One Bandit 2020 Kite

Legendary freeride kite

The new F-One Bandit 2020 is out! An amazing freeride kite for beginners to advanced freeriders. This year the Bandit 2020 has a new outline with square tips so that it responds more directly. The small sizes Bandits focus on big air and kiteloops and offer good control in very high wind speeds. The arc feels very predictable and you certainly can feel that in strong wind! The 7,8,9 and 10 were really developed for overpowered riding so that you will surprise yourself on the water. The new bridle helps keep the profile more stable. In addition, the LE is slightly thicker for more stability, so a real big air kite!

The Bandit 2020 has a very smooth steering in the most gusty wind speeds. Nevertheless, the 2020 bandit sends very quickly and feels responsive. The F-One Bandit 2020 has slightly more bar pressure than the Bandit S version, so that you always feel where the kite is standing during a high jump or kiteloop. Of course you can still expect the versatile nature of the Bandit, but this year the focus is more on Big Air. The larger sizes of the Bandit 2020 have the same feel as the smaller sizes, but are aimed at performing well with less wind. The kites are kept as light as possible so that you can get on the water quickly and enjoy freeriding in low wind speeds.

The new bandit 2020 looks very slick and offers a lot of control and fun. This year the F-One Bandit has a very nice colorful design. A great kite for big jumps, huge loops and perfect for freeriding.

  • F-One Bandit 2020 Kite
  • Delta C-Shape
  • Reactor Valve
  • Auto relaunch
  • Force Frame
  • Technoforce double ripstop
  • Big Air
  • Kiteloops
  • Freeride
  • Fast steering behavior
  • Square tips
  • New bridle
  • Stiffer frame
  • Very stable in high wind speeds

    F-One Bandit 2020 Kite

    F-One Bandit 2020 Kite

    F-One Bandit 2020 Kite

    F-One Bandit 2020 Kite

    F-One Bandit 2020 Kite

    F-One Bandit 2020 Kite

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