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Bandit + Trax 2021 Kitesurf Set F-One

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F-one Bandit 2021 + Trax 2021 Kitesurf set

Including Linx bar 2021, 2019 Platinium bindings and Mystic pump

The F-one Bandit with Trax, Linx bar and bindings is the ideal kitesurf set to start your new hobby! And the beauty of all is that you can enjoy this set for a long time, even when your kitesurfing level improves. Because the Bandit is not only easy to go upwind with, you can also jumps tricks very easily with this all-rounder from F-one!

F-one Bandit 2021 Kite

Allround freeride kite by F-one
F-One"s legendary Bandit returns for its 14th edition, with a number of enhancements that provide the best freeride experience, no matter the conditions! Because F-One has split the kite into a Bandit-S and a standard Bandit, F-One can go all in with the Bandit 2021 in the field of freeride and Big Air. The F-One Bandit 2021 has a very responsive feel. The behavior is direct and reactive, but also stable to give you the great feeling you can expect from the Bandit. Whether you want to freeride carefree in all conditions, or want to make big jumps and kiteloops, the Bandit 2021 is ready!

Thanks to the new panel layout and the new trailing edge reinforcement, F-One was able to create super-tight profile. This resulted in unprecedented stability in the air, with complete confidence and unparalleled performance. The perfect balance between stability and maneuverability. The Bandit 2021 will also go faster upwind because the kite has less drag and this allows you to keep it longer in strong winds. The F-One Bandit 2021 is very smooth to fly and yet has an incredibly direct feedback.

Are you a fan of big air? Then the F-One Bandit 2021 is absolutely insane. With an explosive vertical lift, the kite has a lot of float for old school tricks. Kiteloops are awesome and you will get a great pull and lift. With the F-One Bandit 2021, F-One has outdone itself again; what a design! The three color options are all beautiful and look even better in real life than in the picture.

F-one Trax 2021 Kiteboard

Allround freeride twintip
The F-one Trax is one of the best-selling kiteboards ever. This F-one Trax 2021 is the entry-level model of the F-one Trax (compared to Trax HRD Lite Tech) and therefore ideal for the starting kitesurfer. The Trax 2021 was designed by F-one with only one goal: to easialy have a lot of fun on the water. As a beginner kite surfer you will immediately enjoy the ease of going upwind and planing of the F-one Trax 2021 and therefore make extra fast progress.

The rocker line of the F-one Trax 2021 can be described as average. This makes it easy to ride away and go upwind with the Trax 2021. The rocker is divided into three parts: flat in the middle for good upwind properties, and more rocker in the tips for pop and a playful feel.
In the bottom of the F-one Trax 2021 is a double concave and a number of tip channels. This gives the F-one Trax 2021 kiteboard a good grip and comfortable landings. The flex of the Trax 2021 can be described as soft to average. The soft flex ensures that the Trax 2021 will ride super comfortably through choppy water, for example. The soft flex is also very nice if you quickly suffer from your knees.

The F-one Trax 2021 twintip is available in the glacier color for sizes 132 and 133. The papaya color is available in 136 and 137. The F-one Trax 2021 is the successor to the Trax ESL.

F-one Linx 2021 bar

The Linx bar 2021 has new lines. They are stiffer than their predecessor and therefore you can steer more precisely and the lines last longer. This also allows you tuntangle your lines faster with setting up your kite.

F-one Platinium 3 2019 bindingen

We have known the Platinium kiteboard bindings of F-One for a couple of years and this is still one of the best connections between the rider and his board. The Platinium 2019 set consists of two footstraps and pads. The Platinium3 pads are made of EVA Foam and offer a wonderful cushioning. They have a raised toe edge so your feet sink into the pad.

F one bandit 2021 set

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