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Bullit Kite F-One

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F-one Bullit V1 2021 Kite

Big Air and kiteloop machine from F-one by Liam Whaley

The F-one Bullit was developed by F-one in collaboration with Liam Whaley to do nothing else but go mega high and pull mega loops! A real big air and kiteloop machine for the adrenaline junkies! The idea of the Bullit came from Liam Whaley. He needed a kite with which he could take a chance of winning the Red Bull King of the Air title. The then Bandit and WTF just did not meet his requirements of a winning kite. He needed a kite that could combine the big air of the Bandit and the steering speed of the WTF for big mega loops. After extensive testing and development, the result is the new F-one Bullit: big air kiteloop machine and potential winner of the Red Bull King of the Air!

The fact that the F-one Bullit is really "dedicated" for big air and kiteloops can be seen from the kite sizes of the F-one Bullit. The Bullit is all available in storm-like sizes: 8, 9 and 10. The Bullit is designed with three main goals: control, hangtime and kiteloops.
Before you can do a big air or megaloop you must of course have sufficient control and confidence with your kite. When you want to go as high as possible, you will push your own limits of what you can handle and you will often be a bit overpowerd. Overpowerd the Bullit is what the Bullit likes best. From the start to the end of your jump you will know where the Bullit is in the air because of its constant feedback on your bar. The Bullit is so perfectly balanced that you can send it exactly where you want the Bullit in the wind window at any time.

As far as hangtime is concerned, the Bullit is also good. Of course he doesn"t give as much hangtime as a five strut kite, but you won"t be pulling megaloops with a kite like that. When you are just starting out with kiteloops, you can pull an easy classic loop with the Bullit. The classic kiteloop is fast and catches you in time. No problem for the Bullit, the F-one Bullit has a very fast steering speed and flies up again very quickly to catch you on time. But with a classic loop you will not win KOTA. For that you have to be able to do the megaloop: low and large. Again, the F-one Bullit will quickly give you confidence to pull your first big mega loop.

The F-one Bullit has a hybrid C shape that at first glance looks a lot like the Bandit, but is a lot more radical and comes closer to a real C kite. Making the Bullit feel faster and more aggressive. The three struts keep the F-one Bullit lightweight, but add enough stiffness to the profile to withstand the toughest storms. The canopy is made of strong Technoforce double ripstop fabric.

In short, if you want a KOTA worthy kite and want to go just as high and hard as Liam Whaley, then the new F-one Bullit is the kite you should go for.

  • Big Air | Kiteloop
  • Hybrid C design
  • 3 Struts
  • Fast steering response
  • Fast turning circle
  • Instant feedback
  • Reactor Valve

    F-one Bullit V1 2021 Kite
    F-one Bullit V1 2021 Kite
    F-one Bullit V1 2021 Kite

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