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IC6 850 V1 + 51TS V2 Hydrofoil Set F-One

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F-one IC6 850 V1 + 51TS V2 Hydrofoil kitesurf set

Easy priced hydrofoil set for beginner to advanced from F-one

Always wanted to start with hyrdofoil kitesufen, but did you think the it was too expensive? Then this is your chance! This kite surf hydrofoil set from F-one is of a mega high quality and suitable for beginners to advanced hydrofoil kite surfers.

The set consists of an IC6 V1 850 cabron composite wing with 90 cm aluminum mast. This is not a wing with which you will break speed records but is therefore especially suitable for the starting to advanced hydrofoil kite surfer who wants to kite relaxed with little wind. This IC6 V1 is slightly modified than the standard. This IC6 has a mast plate so that the IC6 V1 can easily be mounted on the 51TS V2 hydrofoilboard of F-one.
The F-one 51TS V2 hydrofoilboard is a fine and wide board with a large floating surface. This is ideal for the beginner if you will often touch the water with your board. The length of the 51TS V2 foilboard is 156cm and 51cm wide. In the bottom is a V shape that works together with the rocker so that a touch-down on the water does not immediately end in a crash. The board itself is nice and thin and lightweight with a foam core. The 51TS V1 foil board contains inserts for straps, these are not supplied with the board. The deck of the 51TS V1 is equipped with a full deckpad.

  • 850 Carbon composite front wing
  • 90cm aluminum mast
  • Full deck pad
  • Option for foot straps
  • Aluminum fuselage
  • 300 carbon composite rear wing

  • Professional advice

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