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2020 Kite trade-in deal!

kite inruil actie 2020

Do you think it's time for a new 2020 gear? Then get started now! Score up to 50% off a brand new 2020 kite when you trade in your 2019 kite! If you also trade in your bar, you will also receive a 50% discount on a 2020 bar. Trading in your kite has never been so clear and easy. Is your kite a little older? No problem, we offer a customized discount. That way you no longer have to sell your old gear!

The discount works as follows. If you trade in a 2019 kite of the brand below, you get a 50% discount on a new 2020 kite. A kite from a year later will get 5% less discount. That means that a 2018 kite will get 45% discount, a 2017 kite 40% discount, a 2016 kite 35% discount and so on. This discount only applies to kites without repairs or damage.

Did you find the kite you'd like? Send us an email with the kite(s) you want (brand, type, size, color, bar) and what gear you have to exchange and we will make the deal for you!

Do you want to know if your kite meets the discount? Check the conditions below or contact us. If you have any questions about this deal, please mail tom@kitemana.nl, call +31(0)714081154 or visit our showroom in Noordwijk. This promotion is valid untill Friday 5th of june 2020..

kite inruil actie 2019

Terms and conditions:

  • Your exchangeable kite is of an A-brand
  • The discount only applies to the exchange of a kite without repairs or damage
  • If your kite does have any repairs or damages, an appropriate discount will be given
  • The kite that is exchanged can only be up to 2m² smaller than the 2020 kite

  • 2020 KITE TRADE-IN DEAL: Score up to 50% off a brand new 2020 kite! Check here the trade-in deal!