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30% discount on Duotone 2019!

Duotone 2019 Sale

If you are looking for a new Duotone Rebel or Dice 2019, check out our Duotone 2019 sale! You now receive a 30% discount on a fresh Duotone Rebel or Dice 2019 kite. In addition, you also receive a discount on the bar & chickenloop if you order it with the kite. In addition to these two Duotone kites, we also have a number of Duotone boards on sale, such as the Gonzales and the Soleil Textreme 2019! These are the last Duotone models so don't wait too long, because gone = gone!

Duotone Rebel 2019

The Duotone Rebel is one of the longest running kites in the range and not without reason! The Rebel is an all-round freeride kite with class. This kite takes you higher than any other kite and really lets you float through the air. The Duotone Rebel 2019 is a true big air kite that behaves well in all circumstances. It has a 5 strut construction which makes it very stable. Now with a wooping 30% discount! Check the Rebel 2019 here.

Duotone Dice 2019

The Dice is a kite that likes to push it to a next level. A kite with a responsive feel and a very playful shape. With the Dice 2019 you can loop, jump high and unhook without being punished too much. The Duotone Dice 2019 offers a big boost and the confidence to make rapid progression. Check the Dice 2019 here.

Duotone Soleil Textreme 2019

If you are just starting out on this sport, you want to have gear that helps you out in any conditions. This is exactly what the Duotone Gonzales is designed for! The Gonzales 2019 is a versatile freeride kiteboard that rides very easily. It has an all-round shape and a forgiving nature so that you will make progress very quickly. The 2019 variant has a very stylish wooden finish, super cool! Now from 349 euros. Check the Gonzales 2019 here.

Duotone Soleil Textreme 2019

The Soleil Textreme is the lightest women kiteboard on the market. The board is in equipped with a Textreme Carbon construction. This makes the Soleil Textreme super playful, dynamic and gives the board a very good all-round performance. The Duotone Soleil Textreme has a lively character and rides very comfortably in all conditions. Now for 729 euros. Check the Soleil Textreme 2019 here.

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